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Parking Lot Maintenance and Line Painting on Vancouver Island

Based out of Vancouver Island, Krasy Joe’s Inc offers full-service parking lot maintenance and line painting. By providing 24/7 service, we are available for scheduled maintenance as well as emergency repairs anytime, day or night. Our services include:

Free Estimates for our Comprehensive Lot Services

Our fully insured staff always provide free estimates on our work. For larger contract work, we are available during long weekends and holidays. Parking lot maintenance often requires more than one service. At Krasy Joe’s Inc, we are happy to put together customized package deals for our clients to give them the best value. Our skilled lot maintenance workers provide services throughout Vancouver Island as well as the surrounding Gulf Islands. So if you manage a property with a parking lot, choose the maintenance company with over 25 years’ experience and call Krasy Joe’s Inc today.

Experienced Line Painters

Having your parking lot lined and marked can increase the amount of vehicles it can hold, ensure handicapped drivers get the right spots, and provide directions to keep cars moving in an organized manner. At Krasy Joe’s Inc, we only use paints that meet CPCA specifications. We provide our line painting services to cities, municipalities and townships. Anything you need painted, we can make it happen. Our line painting services include:

  • Stall lines
  • Stencilling and customized stencilling
  • Long line
  • Road work
  • Gore hatching
  • Game courts



Potholes and cracks in your asphalt are a liability, hazardous, and unsightly. While a crack in your asphalt may not seem like problem that requires immediate attention – that is not the case. Once a crack appears, moisture will seep into to asphalt. In the winter, that frozen water will expand and create additional damage and in the summer, those cracks can attract plants and weeds. At Krasy Joe’s Inc, we have extensive experience with asphalt patching, hot tar crack filling and other asphalt repair services.


Asphalt Repair

Many people would be surprised to find out that asphalt is a petroleum based product. As such, it can be damaged by other petroleum products like gasoline and vehicle oil. A simple way to protect your asphalt is by having it sealcoated, prolonging its life, keeping moisture out, and giving the surface a nicer aesthetic.


Concrete Curb Repair

A lot of people don’t think repairing a concrete curb is important or necessary. But, a repaired curb will enhance your property value and create a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles alike.


Pressure Washing

The best looking parking lots are the cleanest. At Krasy Joe’s Inc, we can clear away set-in dirt, grime and dust with our pressure washing services. Worried your parking lot will end up looking cleaner than your building? Lucky for you, we can also pressure wash buildings up to 4 stories, or 60 feet.


Power Sweeping

The most cost effective way to get your lot cleaned is with our power sweeping services. Power sweeping is a quick and affordable way to remove dust and debris from your lot.


Bobcat Services

With our Bobcat equipment we can provide excavation services for your property or lot. We have a range of tools and equipment that allows us to take on both small and large excavation jobs.


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